Let’s talk about mental health

Mental health is a topic that is discussed pretty frequently in the media nowadays, but it is not talked about in the right way. The way that mental health and mental illnesses are talked about today is, in its own right, inherently stigmatizing.

This week is suicide awareness week and stigmatization of mental health is a major factor in raising awareness. Challenging stigmatization of mental health is a way of encouraging people to seek treatment if they need it. In years past, mental health and mental illness were something not talked about and were even seen as something shameful to bring up in conversation, but today we know better. We know that mental health isn’t something that will go away if we just leave it locked away and try and forget about it.

In my experience and in my discussions with other people about mental health, being open about your mental health is something very difficult to do because many people don’t understand it. Personally, I’ve had family members tell me that mental illnesses aren’t real or the classic, “It’s all in your head,” but these comments are actually terrible for a person’s mental health. Comments like these just make people reluctant towards getting treatment. If the reader or anyone else needs help or just wants to talk through something, then there are plenty of resources out there.

If you are in crisis, please call Henderson’s

crisis service hotline: 954-424-6911

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