Mermaid antics on an ocean campus

Sourced: A. Smith

If you tell me you haven’t wanted to be a magical creature at one point, then I think you’re a huge liar, and in our little South Florida haven, what better magical creature to be than a mermaid? While I don’t have a full-proof way to initiate your transformation, you can take some tips from these classic mermaid movies and shows.

“H2O: Just Add Water”

According to this Austrailian television show, you can earn your tail by being in a magic moon pool on a full moon. Once you locate one of those along our beaches, be very careful around water. As soon as your skin gets wet, your new tail will come out — but no worries. You’re super cool ice, heat and water controlling powers will help you get out of showing off your tail.

If you need more advice as to how to avoid rain, deal with the strong pull of regular full moons and escape fishing nets, watch pro-mermaid trio Cleo (Phoebe Tonkin), Emma (Claire Holt) and Rikki (Cariba Heine) on Netflix.

“Mako Mermaids”

Operating on the same mythology as “H2O,” “Mako Mermaids” plays a little more with moon magic and with full-time mermaids. If you’re interested in developing a tail, a mysterious island might just help you to sneak past mermaids Sirena, Nixie and Lyla and into the classic moonpool. If your experience is anything like man-turned-merman Zac’s (Chai Hansen), you’ll probably spend some time getting close to a few cast-out mermaids trying to figure out why their home island chose to change your human legs into tail.

To get the scoop on how mermaids adapt to land and what a high school dude does when he suddenly gets superpowers and merman status, watch “Mako Mermaids” on Netflix.


So she wants to know what love is, but you want to know more about mermaids. That can work out, right? When you meet a runaway mermaid named Aquamarine who’s trying to prove to her powerhouse merman dad that love exists, there’s only one thing to do: go shopping! You’ll learn about cute accessories like starfish earrings, and that if you help a mermaid, you get a wish. Be sure not to mention to anyone that you totally wished for your own tail, or it won’t come true.

Find out if Aquamarine figures out love and how to acquire your own pair of ego-fluffing starfish earrings on HBO Now.

“The 13th Year”

Every child is totally anxious as to what turning 13 will be like. Before you hit that milestone, be sure to ask your parents if you’re adopted, because puberty might not be the only thing that surprises you. If you’re like Cody Griffin (Chez Starbuck), your teenage years will start off with a little bit of acne and a few scales. Your birth mother mermaid is out there waiting to meet you, and maybe she’ll even give you a few tips for your upcoming marine biology exam.

Watch this intriguing Disney film by renting it on Youtube or Amazon Prime.

So, there you have it. There are quite a few ways you can totally transform your college experience into a magical one. In all seriousness, when it comes to stress, sometimes it’s great to just forget yourself, dive into nostalgia and play pretend.

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