Places to Gill Out: Boulevard Kitchen


Boulevard Kitchen + Juice Bar

701 E Broward Blvd Suite F, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

(954) 530-1793

Price: $6 – $20

NSU is a unique and lively campus, but that doesn’t mean that Sharks can’t band together and take an afternoon to explore the South Florida area — even if that just means finding a quaint place to study.

Located right on Broward Blvd. hence the Boulevard Kitchen moniker, Boulevard Kitchen + Juice Bar is a tiny but mighty restaurant. “Eat well, drink with the purpose” is the catchphrase of this new brunch locale. Since May of this year, when it first opened, it has been an artsy and quaint spot for a unique meal.

The greater part of their menu is dedicated to their various juices, smoothies and refresher options. Fresh pressed juice recipes come with funky names, like “Beets by Dave,” a mix of beets, apples, ginger and flaxseed oil or “The Glow Up” with carrots, turmeric, pineapple, pear and chia seeds. Want something unique? Craft your own concoction, and they’ll make it! Refreshers can be spicy like the “Sweet Heat” with ginger, lemon, cayenne, honey and grapefruit or sweet like the “Peace, Love & Matcha” refresher with matcha, aloe, cucumber, apple and alkaline water (which sounds like a spa in a bottle). They have three options for wellness shots, too: “The O.G.” (wheat grass), “The Healer” with turmeric, honey, ginger, apple cider vinegar and black pepper or “Black Magic” with activated charcoal, alkaline water, maple syrup and lemon.

I sampled their specials: the sunshine banana smoothie and the free range rosemary grilled chicken avocado on multigrain. The sunshine banana smoothie has “normal” ingredients for a smoothie: strawberry, banana, coconut milk and ice, but had an added kick of hemp seed oil. And that’s not the only option to include in your smoothie; Boulevard Kitchen also offers collagen, bee pollen, raw aloe, cacao and probiotic boosters.

The rest of their menu is devoted to breakfast and lunch options, with a variety of vegan and vegetarian choices. For the carnivores, there’s the option to add in free range chicken breast, grass fed steak, gulf shrimp or local fish. Feeling like a trendy bowl dish? Try the acai, quinoa or tuna poke bowl.

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