Soundbite: “Modern Animal” by Magic City Hippies

Modern Animal’s new album cover is an Art Deco dream

Lo-fi hip hop beats, popular on YouTube channels like ChilledCow, have slowly become more common on platforms such as YouTube and Spotify. Exemplifying this upcoming genre, Magic City Hippies’ new album “Modern Animal” is a great album for any occasion. Whether you’re listening in on a road trip, while doing your work or in the shower, this album offers great vibes.

Magic City Hippies are an indie-funk band from Miami, FL and have been releasing music since 2015 with their debut EP titled “Hippie Castle EP.” Some of my favorite and well-known songs from this album include “Fanfare,” “Bull Ride” and “Brnt.” The best way to describe their music is infectious; their style is definitely something you could vibe to. The band characterizes themselves as a “Miami based indie-funk band, dusted with a taste of hip hop and baked in an oven of soul,” and I certainly agree.

According to the band’s website,“Modern Animal” “[explores] the liberation of open relationships through an irresistible Tame Impala[-esque] rhythm and a safari of synthesizers.” Magic City Hippies absolutely has a unique sound that I have yet to hear from another band. Drummer-producer Pat Howard says, “I’m proud of that — any song could be a single.”

“Modern Animal” consists of 11 songs, all of which are great. My absolute favorite songs of the album include “Indiana,” “Franny,” “SPF” and “Spice.” Songs like “Franny” and “Gunslinger” were released as singles in 2018, but it is good to hear them featured in the latest album. Their songs are undeniably feel-good tunes with a sultry energy that will transport you to another dimension. Their lyrics and beat are hypnotic and incredibly easy to jam out to.

If you would like a chance to see Magic City Hippies live, they will be coming to Florida in the upcoming fall season. They will be performing at the Miami Beach Pop Festival on Nov. 8. If indie-alternative music is your cup of tea, I assuredly recommend checking out Magic City Hippies. Trust me, all their music is pretty rad.

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