This Week In Sports History – September 10,2019

September 10

Cleveland Rams play their first NFL game

The Cleveland Rams, now renamed the Los Angeles Rams, played their first NFL game on Sept. 10, 1937. At the time, the Rams were under heavy competition from the NFL’s “big four”: the Chicago Bears, Green Bay Packers, New York Giants and the Washington Redskins. The team lost their first game with a score of 28-0.

The Soviet Union takes 10 out of 15 gold medals at the Rome Olympics

At the 1960’s gymnastics competition at the Rome Olympics, Soviet gymnasts, Boris Shakhlin and Larisa Latynina, won three gold medals each. This resulted in the Soviet Union taking 10 of the 15 gold medals in that Olympics.

September 11

Franco Harris becomes the third NFL player to rush 11,000 yards

In 1983, Franco Harris, running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers, became the third NFL player to rush 11,000 yards during a regular-season competition against the Green Bay Packers. At the time, Harris accumulated 12,611 yards, surpassing Jim Brown as the leading rusher in NFL history.

September 12

White Sox win their 90th game

1954 marked the year that the Chicago White Sox won their 90th game against the Boston Red Sox with a score of 5-3 at Comiskey Park.

NHL’s Mark Messier announces his retirement

In 2005, NHL legend Mark Messier announced on ESPN radio that he would be retiring from the league. Messier is considered one of the greatest NHL players of all time winning six Stanley Cups and has been the only player to captain two different professional teams, the Indianapolis Racers and the Cincinnati Stingers.

September 13

55 ton concrete beam falls in Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

On Sept. 13, 1991, a 55 ton beam crashed to the ground at Montreal’s Olympic Stadium when 16 support beams randomly snapped. The beam crashed onto a walkway causing the stadium to close for 94 days. Luckily, no one was hurt.

September 14

First Latin American fighter to challenge for the world Heavyweight title

Argentine boxer, Luis Angel Firpo, nicknamed “El Toro de las Pampas,” challenged Heavyweight boxing champion, Jack Dempsey, for the Heavyweight boxing title. Dempsey won with a knockout victory at the 57-second mark of the second round. The fight was one of the defining fights of Dempsey’s career.

September 15

Football Hall of Fame quarterback, Dan Marino, is born

Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback Dan Marino was born on Sept. 15, 1961 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Marino, now 57 years old, holds dozens of NFL records in association with his quarterback position and is even recognized as one of the greatest quarterbacks in American football history

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