Vintage trends on a sustainable budget

Flor Mireles, copy editor, was repping all three of these trends.

Graphic t-shirts

Vintage-esque shirts with catchy sayings and pictures never really went out of style, but they’re having a moment lately. Whether you got your inspiration from a television show or just like the options dotting Target’s shelves, it’s hard to turn down something that’s just perfect for your style. However, if you’re looking to avoid fast-fashion, head over to a thrift shop and peruse the aisles. You’ll usually find better deals and true vintage designs. Don’t be afraid to hit up the smaller, local shops too. Bigger stores are more convenient, but the mom and pop shops may have more niche fashions.


Scrunchies are the perfect accessory — they’re versatile, functional and come in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Unfortunately, they’re often made with unsustainable fabrics and processes or by people being paid below a fair wage. As a more environmentally-friendly alternative, find some articles of clothing at a thrift store (especially ones with fabric you like), search for a scrunchie tutorial on the internet (there’s tons of easy instructions to follow) and viola — you have your very own DIY scrunchie. If you don’t want to waste a piece of clothing, consider just taking a few inches off the hem of a shirt. Now, you have a matching crop top, too.

Mom jeans

Mom jeans endearingly refers to the vintage “fit” that many moms were sporting in the 80s and 90s, and they were onto something. Usually high waisted and a little looser than the trendy skinny jean, mom jeans look great on everyone and are a comfy, stylish addition to just about any outfit. Rather than going to Urban Outfitters or Forever 21 for a pair, ask around for a pair— a mom, an aunt or a friend might have a pair or two stashed away that they’d be willing to give up. Or, of course, look around in vintage stores. If they’re not exactly your size or style, consider making them into shorts, distressing them with holes, adjusting the waist or aging them in the sun or with dyes.

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