Shopping small online businesses is a big deal

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When you get the urge to binge shop, you might go straight to Amazon’s two-day shipping, but if you choose to buy from small businesses, you get to own awesome homemade products and support the owners whose products are their profession. Finding reliable independent businesses to shop from can take a lot of research, so here are a few recommendations to get you started.

Fire and Bone

This quaint little shop certainly comes with its own unique kick: it makes realistic skull jewelry using molds made with 3D printers, creating riveting horned beasts, birds, dinosaurs and even human displays. Customers can choose between white and yellow plated bronze as well as sterling silver. Animal earrings, cufflinks, pendants and rings include hummingbirds, saber toothed cats, ravens, wolves and velociraptors. Shop for your skull at

B’ellegant Cosmetics

If you’re looking to take your makeup collection to the next level, look no further than The brand boasts multiple pigmented eyeshadow collections such as the Melted Chocolate and Rainbow collections and it also sells liquid eyeshadow, neon pigment, pressed glitter, liquid satin and matte lipsticks, highlighters and more. The site provides swatches for different shades and most of its products are vegan, the exception being their new rose/gold highlighter. It takes only 1-3 business days to ship out unless there is a sale, in which case the time shifts to 10 business days.

Hypnotic Polish

Give your nail game some flair by visiting, a central hub where you can purchase various brands of indie nail polish. Not only can you purchase lovely temperature-sensitive hues or stunningly shimmery vamps, but you can also grab nail art supplies like peel off tape or nail polish thinner. If you’re at a loss for which brand to start at, try Colors by Llarowe or Bow Polish.

Deconstructing Eden

There’s nothing better than knowing you smell good, and what better way to do so than by buying perfume from someone who’s dedicated a career to formulating them. Deconstructing Eden releases differently themed perfume collections such as “Dangerous Women,” inspired by powerful women in history, or “Zodiac,” inspired by astrology. Scents are blended to create a harmonious atmosphere, and you can read up on their different notes and application with the Deconstructing Eden master scent list at pages/master-list.



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