How to throw a last-minute Halloween party

As we dive deeper into October, the time allotted to planning a Halloween bash is dwindling. Don’t wait for someone else to invite you to a party — throw one yourself. Keep reading for some tips on how to host your very own quick and inexpensive spooky celebration. 


DIY decorations

Halloween decorations can be expensive, and by the time the holiday rolls around, a lot of the good items are already sold out. Turn your house or room into a haunted mansion by pulling apart cotton balls into fine strands. Lace your new spider webs around any and all surfaces. Summon some spirits by using cloth or crepe paper over a volleyball and hanging it from a tree or window. Just be creative and look online for inspiration and tutorials to spruce — or spook — up your party scene.


Whip up some quick snacks

If you’re planning a last-minute Halloween party, you really don’t have to serve your guests a five-course meal. Instead, head to your local Target or grocery store and look for any Halloween themed snacks to make it a bit easier on yourself. If you really want to make some treats yourself, look for quick recipes that don’t require a lot of effort. Consider dripping cherry pie filling down pre-made cupcakes for a vampire-esque twist or making dirt cups with pudding, crushed chocolate cookies and gummy worms. You can also fill a punch bowl with red fruit juice, floating gummy eyeballs and chocolate fingers on top.


Take it easy on the entertainment

Setting up an intricate mystery game or haunted house might be a little ambitious in a shorter time frame. Instead, plan activities that don’t require as much prep work. Consider painting pumpkins, baking treats (cover entertainment and snacks in one activity!), playing Halloween-themed charades or having a costume fashion show. Sometimes, just hanging out with friends and playing a few board games is enough to entertain a crowd, too.


Find activities you don’t need to plan

Instead of putting all of the burdens on yourself to entertain your guests, find something in the area to do. Check out scary movies that are in theaters, haunted houses, escape rooms or any other fun activities in the area — you can find some ideas on our Offshore Calendar as well. If you still want to hang out with your friends, plan for a few snacks and refreshments to have at your place afterward.

Photo: C. Baker

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