First-hand presentation on internships and research opportunities

On Oct. 30, the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography in conjunction with the Office of Career Development will be hosting an event titled Trick to the Treat of a Research or Internship. The event will be held in the Carl DeSantis building from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Students who attend will hear first-hand experiences regarding internships and research opportunities in science-related fields. 


The research and internships being presented at the event are showcased by undergraduate students at NSU, who within the past year, have been involved in these experiences. The undergraduate students will showcase how they came upon the internship, what their requirements were, how they met their requirements and what they did at the opportunity. “They basically serve as a resource for other students who may want to pursue such an internship in the future,” explained Dr. Aarti Raja, associate professor of the Halmos College of Natural Sciences and Oceanography. 


Raja and the Halmos College pulled together all the students presenting and guided them on how to set up their presentation. After that, the event is in the hands of the Office of Career Development. Career Development is not only available to give advice on the process of finding an internship or research opportunity at the event, but also are providing some snacks and treats. Additionally, Career Development is archiving the information presented, so if a student is unable to attend, they have the chance to visit the Office of Career Development and get information once available for reference and advice. 


The presentations span a variety of fields and any student who is interested in a science-related field can benefit from attending. 


“It is hosted by the Halmos College and we do serve biology internships, but even with that there is a vast variety, anywhere from research in a lab to shadowing physicians and even internships where they worked in pharmaceutical companies,” Raja explained. “We do see a variety, so as long as a student is interested in what lies out there in terms of opportunities and what is involved in these internships, it is a good idea for them to attend this event.”


The event will help any student who is lost in the process of finding an opportunity to do an internship or research. Whether it be not knowing where to go, where to look for one or who to contact, the presentation offers the chance to help through valuable first-hand experience. Raja mentioned, “The biggest takeaway I would want a student to get away from that is that the university does provide the students with vast opportunities…I feel like this kind of event brings everything together. It gives students a one-shot look at the variety of things that are available out there. All they have to do is hear them out, hear the people who are speaking about their experiences, and then just see which one interests them the most.”


Students interested in attending the event can RSVP on Handshake.

Photo: M. Thian

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