Open the green gate!

We’ve all thought about it: jumping over the green gate that is behind the Alvin Sherman Library by Gold Circle Lake in an effort to get to the Carl DeSantis building faster. In fact, last week I actually saw a student sneakily jump the gate, and I’ll admit, I thought about doing the same thing right after. 


We get it. The gate is most likely closed due to the fact the area is a loading dock and it presents a safety concern for students and staff. However, as the educated individuals we are, I think we are all more than capable of avoiding the parked vehicles that are only sometimes in the dock. I mean, we easily maneuver our way around other loading docks and car-trafficked areas around campus, this one should not be very different. 


NSU’s campus is not as small as some might think. It takes approximately eight minutes to get from the Student Affairs building to the Carl DeSantis building. Now, I know this is not necessarily a long walk, to begin with, but with the opening of the green gate, we can easily take off three minutes as we no longer would have to walk around the facilities plant.



Now, I realize this issue may seem insignificant to some readers, but I know I am not the only one irked by the little green gate; many other students and faculty members are also fed up. In fact, when I brought up this topic as an article suggestion, almost everyone in the room immediately knew what I was talking about with their tones of voice reflecting my same attitude. Efficiency is important, and in a college environment where we are constantly juggling a variety of tasks all at once, saving three minutes while walking to class can be day-altering. Imagine having three more minutes to get everything ready for class, work on an assignment or even pick up food. All this could be made easier with the opening of a little green gate. 

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