International Tidings – December 3,2019

Pope plans to declare nuclear weapons as immoral

Pope Francis has planned to have the Catholic Church’s official teaching declare the possession and use of atomic weapons as immoral. According to the Associated Press, “In the ensuing years, the Holy See has watched as arms control treaties collapsed, new nuclear powers emerged and the policy of assured mutual destruction resulted in a permanent stockpiling of bombs.” This was following Francis’s declaration in Hiroshima with atomic bomb survivors. Francis additionally stated that he is also concerned about the use of nuclear energy when all necessary safety precautions are not in proper use.


UK truck victims repatriated to Vietnam

Sixteen of the 39 victims who died in England as part of a human trafficking ring were repatriated to Hanoi, Vietnam. Hoàng Thi Nhiem, a sister of one of the victims, told the Associated Press, “We are very sad but we are happy now that he has been brought back to the place where he was born to be with his family and surrounded with love from the family. He wouldn’t be able to rest in peace if he had still been in England.” Thirty-one men and eight women are being investigated for charges of human trafficking, while several of those involved have been arrested in England and Vietnam.


Iranian leader claims protests are U.S. conspiracy

Last Wednesday, Nov. 26, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader of Iran, claimed that the protests of gas prices were a result of a U.S. conspiracy theory. Khamenei made this accusation when speaking to the Revolutionary Guard’s all-volunteer Basij force. According to the Associated Press, “Khamenei, who has final say on all matters of state, described [that] the protests [are] being orchestrated by ‘global arrogance,’ which he uses to refer to the U.S. He described America as seeing the price hikes as an ‘opportunity’ to bring their ‘troops’ to the field but the ‘move was destroyed by people.’” Over 7,000 people have been arrested for the protests. 


Ebola responders on lockdown due to unrest

Ebola responders in Beni, Congo, were placed on lockdown following an attack on a United Nations base by residents of the area. Four protestors were killed during the attack and workers are still restricted from providing treatment in many areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo. According to the World Health Organization, the attacks on U.N. bases are due to protests toward the deadly actions of rebel groups. These groups have not been stopped by U.N. peacekeepers or the Congolese forces.

Photo: M. Schiffer

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