Shark Preview weekends begin

Shark Preview weekends are events for prospective Sharks who want to learn more about becoming a student at NSU.

Shark Preview weekends allow students to interview for premier programs, which are scholarship programs NSU offers to prospective students. During preview weekends, students can meet with NSU staff and students while attending special events. Family members can also attend preview weekends and there is special programming so that they can get to know NSU better.

Alexandria Gartman, an orientation coordinator for Shark Preview weekends, explained that the weekends are broken down into three days, jam-packed, with a variety of events for prospective Sharks. 

“Shark Preview is an interview and preview weekend for high school seniors. The first day they come, they check-in and meet with their Shark Preview leaders, get to know each other and do a few icebreakers and they get to hear from Emilio Lorenzo, Associate Director of Employer Relations, about interview tips and tricks. They go and meet with their host, an NSU student, for the weekend and then come back and eat before going on our goose chase hunt, which is just a nice little tour of the unique spots on campus,” said Gartman. “Friday is for [interviews], and then when we wrap up with Club Nova in the evening. Saturday is our closing ceremony where we just come together and eat breakfast and talk about all of the memories we made together.”

According to Katie Napolitano, a Shark Preview leader, “It’s really just a time for the students to get to know the school, get to know each other and decide if they would like to come here or not. They can also interview for positions.” 

Napolitano’s job includes leading groups of students and ensuring they have fun. 

“Personally, for me, the best part about Shark Preview weekends is doing check-ins, just because I get to meet new people and see where everyone is coming from and introduce myself to everyone. Also, Club Nova is a good time for everyone to be themselves after their interviews without all that stress.”

While Napolitano’s favorite part of Shark Preview weekends are the beginnings, Gartman’s favorite part comes towards the end. 

“The best part is the closing ceremony because we get to come together and see not just what happened to individual students, but we also get to see everyone grow from scared or shy high school seniors who are totally out of their element to comfortable and confident young adults who will hopefully be coming to NSU in the fall,” said Gartman. 

“They’ve found their home, made friends and this is where they want to be for the next four years.”

Shark Preview leaders work hard to make sure the students who are visiting have the best experiences possible and create new and fun events for them to attend. 

“We have different challenges going on. This year, we have a gummy sharks challenge that we are trying out, so we’re in the trial run for that.” Napolitano explained. “I think Shark Preview weekend is a great experience for everyone, including current students at NSU, just to open yourself up to everyone.”

Shark Preview weekends will occur Jan. 9-11, Jan. 16-18, Jan. 23-25, Jan. 31, Feb. 6-8, Feb. 13-15, Feb. 20-22, March 12-14, March 19-21 and March 26-28.

Photo: J. Lopes

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