The benefits of working in college

College —  it’s supposed to be the most fun and exciting four years of your life. While this statement is proven time and time again, college is also one of — if not the most — expensive time periods of your life. The average debt from student loans, according to the Associated Press, has reached a high of $33,000. Even for students on scholarship, affording books, food, maintaining a vehicle (if you have access to one, of course) and paying for entertainment can quickly add up, increasing this debt substantially. 


While college is supposed to be an overall fun time where you get to live on your own, develop your education and meet new people, it is also an opportunity for us as students to start learning time management skills by adding jobs to our routine. Learning time management is just one of the benefits of getting a job in college, not to mention the extra income you get from working, which can help ease some of your debt. For those without a mode of transportation, getting a job on campus is one of the best options and allows you to be flexible in accommodating to your class schedule. Many on-campus jobs are “work study,” where you’re allowed to work part-time while attending school and get paid through with federal money.


Cracking down on student debt is huge, but there are also other benefits in the long term that come from gaining job experience. To begin, if you apply for credit, you look to be more trustworthy with a steady flow of income. This will allow you to be financially independent from your parents or legal guardians, which is a huge first step to take in the “real world.” Gaining job experiences opens up a world of opportunities for students to continue to adding onto their resume, which can help them to get their dream career. 


The mental health benefits of having a job in college are also important and often overlooked. After a long shift at work, you simply feel better about yourself and your confidence level is increased exponentially. You feel motivated, and this leads to improvement in other aspects of your life. The benefits of acquiring a job, whether it be on-campus or off, is something worth looking into for all students. 

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