Water your thoughts: Don’t cry over spilled milk

Despite living in a modern and digitized era, we have yet discover a method of time travel to go into the past and fix our mistakes. Despite the regret, guilt and wretchedness that can come with realizing our wrongs and not being able to fix them, the best thing to do is simply accept what happened, learn from it and let it go. 


Feb. 11 marks National Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day, which — although sounds a little funny — actually speaks a lot of truth. It is a day meant to be spent thinking positively as we remind ourselves that life is too short to let little things bother us. Instead, we should look on the bright side and try our best to carry that mentality with us every day. 


In its oldest form, the proverb goes, “No weeping for shed milk,” and was said by James Howell in 1659. Just like how the saying has evolved over time, we are to evolve over time as well. We are constantly changing and growing. Therefore, we should be there for ourselves every step of the way.


Crying over spilled milk won’t solve anything, but the spilled milk can remind us that, in life, unexpected things can happen. It’s true. Sometimes, life will throw us off balance and we wouldn’t have seen it coming, but it’s not about what threw us off; it’s about how we reacted and perceived it. We have the power to shape our own realities and control how we react. With a positive mindset, life’s surprises will be bountiful of love and grace. It’s all a matter of reminding yourself of your power.

Photo: J. Kondratiuk

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