NSU introduces SharkCard loyalty program

On Feb. 3, NSU’s SharkCard Services launched SharkCard Rewards, a loyalty program that rewards all NSU students — commuter, online, regional campus and main campus students —  for making SharkCard purchases at designated locations and attending NSU events. With this program students have the opportunity to redeem points for reward items like gift cards, free oil change, a Zyllion Shiatsu back and neck massager, Bluetooth speakers and much more.


This reward program functions similar to a debit card. Students interested in this program may opt-in and load money onto their card through the GET app or online at www.nova.edu/nsucard with their NSU credentials to earn reward points for every dollar they spend and two points for every NSU home game they attend.


According to Vernol Robinson, director of SharkCard Services, the program’s goal is to improve student engagement on campus in terms of attendance and participation in NSU community-based events, such as sports games and potentially other NSU-sanctioned events in the future.


“[Programs similar to SharkCard Rewards] are a trend we’ve noticed in the Student I.D. industry that is up and coming. There are quite a few universities that have similar programs that have seen some success with it. Knowing that we would like to see the student engagement increased on campus, especially with on-campus activities and their attendance, this is just a way to boost that up. This program also has potential and the opportunity to grow and expand past its intended purpose further down the line,” said Robinson. 


With this program, SharkCash or SharkFunds act as the bridge between student access through their pre-existing SharkCard functionality and the opt-in functionality of the SharkCard Rewards program. SharkCash, a separate allocation of funds than the pre-existing declining balance or the $75 printing and copying allocation, can be considered a disposable purse that students can add money to with no limitation and can be used for printing, copying, on-campus vending machines and at designated off-campus locations listed on the SharkCard services website such as Midas and Wingstop.


This program has been in the testing stage since last summer and is now fully operational with the opportunity for students to provide feedback to SharkCard services in terms of what they would like to see from the program in the future and any other suggestions they may have in response to the initial roll-out of the program. 


Robinson explained that a major part of the feedback stage of this program relies on word of mouth, online activity, satisfaction surveys and other data-based information. The main questions they have for students with this program are if the rewards are adequate for students and what other suggestions students may have for where they might prefer to see this promotion attached to for specific events. 


“We are expecting hurdles with this program and it will take some fine-tuning. We’re also not going to make it easy [for students to rack up rewards] so that everyone can just swipe and receive a reward. [Students] are going to have to build up and engage on campus and possibly participate in attending a mix of games and increase their spending habits to build up points,” said Robinson.  


If students have any questions or suggestions they are welcome to provide feedback via email to nsucard@nova.edu

Photo: SharkCard Services

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