Be a sharp shark during spring break

Spring break is right around the corner — a time for relaxation, refreshing your energy for the remaining half of the semester and enjoying the beauty of nature. While the break is only a week long, it may be long enough to make us feel somewhat uneasy when returning to a regular busy school day. Therefore, while it is important to have fun over break, here are some ways to make sure you remain a sharp shark even on vacation.


Plan wisely 

Everything is always easier if you start off with a well-prepared plan that fits your circumstances. Spring break is not always about going on a vacation — it is extra time to involve yourself with fun, productive experiences and prepare for the rest of the academic year. Take a look at your academic schedule for after the break and reflect on your performance so far throughout the semester. Ask yourself questions. Are you satisfied with the outcomes of your work? How can you utilize this one week off to come back with a better performance? 


If your grades are in good shape and you are confident that you deserve a “breath of new air” after all the late nights, consider going on a trip or doing something you enjoy. However, be mindful of where you store your notes and books before you leave and come back at least a day before your first class starts. It is painful to return at 11 p.m. and have an 8 o’clock class the next morning. 


Keep in mind that some new classes will start right after the break too. If you believe that you need extra help in a class, reach out— gather  some friends and do some studying or even spend time with a tutor. It is never too late to reward yourself for your hard work. Maybe try going to a movie to relax after a day of studying. 


Play board games

Want to keep your brain active in a non-academic way? Don’t forget about board games. They are a wonderful thing to bring on a trip with family and to a friends night. While some games are purely chance and luck, some games require a deep understanding of rules and a series of strategies, such as chess, codenames, a game of thrones and werewolf. Some can be frustrating to learn for beginners, but everything needs to start somewhere, right?


Read a book

Reading is always an act of the mind, and you can always learn something valuable. Select a book that is relevant to your major, your current research or an interest of choice. It is an enjoyable way to fill your “me-time” with something you may not find in your classes.


Join a service trip

It may be too late to consider a service trip for this  spring break, but a service trip is worth sharing and is an option to consider for  next spring break. Service is a great way to engage in

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