Gill Out: MaMa Tofu

NSU is a unique and lively campus, but that doesn’t mean Sharks can’t band together and take an afternoon to explore the South Florida area — even if that just means finding a quaint place to study.


As a college student who never seems to be able to see the bottom of her to-do list, I’ve come to appreciate places like MaMa Tofu. This eatery is nestled in a plaza full of plenty of my other favorite restaurants, which is why it took me so long — too long — to discover. 


They have the best of both worlds: a great array of foods to order and eat in-house and a large grab and go section, featuring a variety of snacks and meals that are perfect for a student looking for something quick to take back to campus.


MaMa Tofu specializes in “Vietnamese Street and Comfort foods,” according to their menu,

which features plenty of exciting dishes, such as ramen beef stew, crab meatball soup,

Vietnamese crepe, tofu pudding and more. As one might be able to assume about a restaurant with “tofu” in the name, they are very vegan and vegetarian friendly, noting which items on their menu are vegan. They even have a section with vegan friendly entrees — vegan Banh Xeo and a vegan ramen.


The first few times I visited, I was in a rush coming back from class (if you take classes at

NSU’s Oceanographic Center and take Griffin Road back to campus, MaMa Tofu is almost on

the way). I only got a few of the to-go items — and their lemongrass tofu holds up perfectly as a grab and go item. It’s coated in a delicious lemongrass sauce that pairs perfectly with a bowl of white rice. They also have a variety of drinks that they can whip up in just a few minutes, including soy milk, pandan soy milk — my personal favorite, winter melon tea, corn milk and kiwi honey green tea. Additionally, you can ask for aloe vera, kiwi, lychee coconut jelly, basil seeds or tapioca pearls to top your drink.


On my latest trip to MaMa Tofu, I wanted to take a break from my usual order to try something

else they have to offer: vegan ramen. Their recipe includes soy meat, king mushrooms, tofu,

carrots and onions, noodles and vegetable broth, topped with onions, cilantro and

culantro. The broth was wonderfully seasoned with what I believe was lemongrass, which added a very fresh flavor to their entire dish and soaked perfectly into the tofu. For ordering the meal at the end of the day, it still seemed freshly prepared — the vegetables weren’t

overcooked or mushy. 


Additionally, I’m lucky that I was visiting with a friend — the bowl was

more than enough for a meal for me, and I ended up with more than enough to share. Had I not been planning on going out of town the next day, I probably would have been able to have

another meal as leftovers.


Whether you’re on the go or looking for a place to sit down and enjoy a meal, MaMa Tofu is the perfect spot to find some delicious Vietnamese dishes just a short drive from Davie campus.


Monday – Sunday: 9 a.m. – 9 p.m.

6467 Stirling Road

Davie, FL 33314


Photo: A. Nguygen

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