SaferWatch app introduced to NSU

SaferWatch has been introduced to NSU’s campus. Ranging from a work order on an elevator to suspicious activity like someone stealing a bike or worse, SaferWatch is a security app that allows students, faculty and staff to report issues needing attention on campus.


Originally, when an alert was put out at NSU, all campuses were alerted including the regional campuses, which include Miami, West Palm Beach, as well as Fort Myers, Orlando and Tampa Bay. 


Larry Massey, director of public safety, explained how the new app has changed this. 


“We didn’t have the means originally of segmenting the alerts. What SaferWatch has the ability to do is, when people sign up, they can choose the location of the place they want to be subscribed to. When we need to push a message out, something that is important, we can do it by campus.” 


This major change in safety for NSU will allow students to keep up to date minute by minute with what is happening on and around the campus they attend, as long as they subscribe to the area.


Massey also explained that, while students can keep up in real time with what is going on on campus, it allows public safety to stay aware with real time information from students and faculty alike during an event on campus. 


“Historically, once the NSU alert is initiated, there is very little communication that goes back and forth between the NSU community and public safety; it’s almost like you’re in a holding pattern until the all clear is given,” said Massey. 


SaferWatch allows updates to be distributed to members of each campus while an incident is unfolding. 


If a student has experienced anything like bugs in their room, a broken elevator, an electric door not working or anything else, SaferWatch can also help with those situations. When a person pushes a tip through to the application, it will ask what kind of tip is being made. Some options include “Damage to property” or “Code enforcement.”


Massey explains, “Let’s say you’re on your way to class and you see something not working. You can take a picture of it, send it through SaferWatch, it goes right through security operations and we can get a work order on it right away,” as an example.


SaferWatch is not just for security measures, although it is a huge aspect of the app. There are a plethora of practical uses that also benefit students in the long run. 


Whether it be traffic congestion, a broken door or a more serious incident like a stolen car, the app will allow students to “be partners with [public safety],” said Massey. 


All students and faculty are encouraged to download SaferWatch in an effort to stay up to date on accidents and incidents on and near NSU’s campus.

Photo: W. Hook

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