Staying Positive Amidst A Pandemic

COVID-19 has truly affected all of us. In the midst of all the current negative news and occurrences, it is difficult to try and stay positive. Yet, staying positive is extremely important, especially for your mental health. Yes, things are different, but even in all this darkness, it is still possible to find a light. Here are some ways to stay positive amidst the current pandemic.

Focus on what you CAN control

When you’re feeling anxious, depressed or fearful, it is easy to think of yourself as powerless in your own head and body. While you can’t always control your own or other’s thoughts and feelings, you are still very powerful in your own being. According to Psychology Today, “Shifting your attention toward those aspects of life that you can control can help restore your sense of agency and self-confidence.”

Take advantage of found time

Just because a lot of things have been cancelled does not mean that you can’t be productive. Take advantage of this extra found time to better your mental health. Do things that bring you joy that perhaps you did not have as much time to do before. Whether it be hobbies, goals you’ve been wanting to reach or even just more relaxation time, there’s no better time than now to dive in. Use this extra found time to find or rediscover your passions. Invest in things that bring you peace and happiness and can even be helpful for the long run.

Seek out uplifting media or limit your media intake

During this time, you may find yourself glued to the TV or your phone where you can be constantly exposing yourself to the news and everything bad that is going on. According to Taha Yasseri, a computational social scientist of the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford, “Negative news goes faster, further and deeper on social networks… We are much more exposed to negative news than positive news.” With that said, limit the sources you use that are constantly putting out negative content. Instead, seek out uplifting content like meditation videos or videos of things that bring you joy. To see what’s going good in the world, check out Good News Network, Positive News or even the good news section of news outlets like Today and Microsoft News.

Photo: M, Adriane

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