Title IX

Strongly committed to conducting classes and activities that are free from sexual discrimination and misconduct, NSU has complied with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 and developed its own Title IX team. NSU’s Title IX strives to prevent or assist students to resolve any type of sexual harassment, violence and relationship struggles. 


NSU’s Title IX recommends everyone, including all students, faculty and staff, to take responsibility and contact the Title IX officers if they have known of, witnessed or suspected a sexual assault-related incident that has allegedly happened to a person within the NSU community. 


“The easiest way to contact us is to fill out the report form provided on our website [where] the person is asked to provide as much information as he or she feels comfortable sharing. This form is accessible 24/7 and we will reach out to him or her at our earliest convenience,” said Bennett. 


While there is a spectrum of sexual harassment and misconduct, one is suggested to call NSU public safety or local police for an emergency or immediate threat. 


Besides security and well-being, the paramount goal of NSU’s Title IX is also to protect a student’s privacy and confidentiality. NSU’s Title IX works closely with Henderson Student Counseling Services to ensure that the student is given the best comfort when discussing his or her experience. Any participant, either victim or reporter, has a right to remain anonymous. The NSU Title IX Peer Educator program, consisting of a group of NSU students, is aimed to strengthen the comfort provided to the participants with a belief that some may prefer talking to a peer. 


“[Part of what we offer] is also to support the students through their pregnancies by ensuring they are keeping up with their schoolwork. We educate the students on how to establish a healthy romantic relationship as well,” said Laura Bennett, Title IX Coordinator. 


For the goal of education and awareness, NSU’s Title IX has actively collaborated with numerous community partners and campus programs to make various informative and interactive workshops and training available to students, such as the UNIV1000 curriculum for freshmen. Online training is also offered to students and employees on NSU’s Title IX website. For more information or any concern, check out https://www.nova.edu/title-ix/index.html or contact Laura Bennett at laura.bennett@nova.edu or Desmond Daniels, Deputy Title IX Coordinator and Sr. Title IX Investigator, at dddaniels@nova.edu. 

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