Mental Health Matters: Feeling down? Start your day with ice cream

Ice cream is a delicacy that not only cools you down in the South Florida heat, but also is a sweet treat that can make any occasion better. In recent years, different studies in countries like Japan, India and the U.S. have discovered that eating ice cream for breakfast is beneficial not only for your mental health, but also your mental development.

According to Tokyo’s Kyorin University study, ice cream is said to awaken the brain, sharpening our brain and improving our mental health. With July being National Ice Cream month and being amidst a pandemic, now, more than ever, is the time to indulge in eating ice cream, especially for breakfast.

Ice cream’s sweet taste and creamy consistency are said to be two of the major contributing factors in why ice cream can make us feel better and happier. Ice cream is also a food that contains a lot of fats, which are often found in comfort foods as well.

Yoshihiko Koga, the professor at Kyorin University who did the ice cream for breakfast study, also found that eating ice cream actually triggers positive emotions, and in times like these, positivity is crucial in order to not be overwhelmed by everything occurring.

Luckily for us, South Florida is home to many delicious ice cream spots that are sure to chase any blues away.

The Magic Cow

4298 S University Dr

Davie, FL 33328

The Magic Cow is an ice cream chain located near NSU known for its delicious homemade ice cream and smooth, unique flavors. The Magic Cow serves up creamy ice cream and they also have cupcakes and homemade waffle cones for those who would like an extra sweet treat.

Sweet Melody Crafted Ice Cream

15224 SW 72nd St

Miami, FL 33193

A bit of a further drive from NSU, Sweet Melody Crafted Ice Cream (Sweet Melody) is home to some of the most different and delicious creamy homemade ice cream flavors. Sweet Melody sells their ice cream in pints and has different flavors every single day. Not to mention, they’re open till 3 a.m. giving everyone a chance to indulge. Be sure to check out their Instagram for a list of the day’s flavors and enjoy some of the most delicious ice cream in South Florida.

Frostbite Nitrogen Ice Cream

2125 S University Dr

Davie, FL 33324

Near NSU is Frostbite Nitrogen Ice Cream, another sweet spot to get delicious and fun ice cream. Frostbite Nitrogen Ice Cream is vegan-friendly and known for their steampunk, smooth and creamy decadent ice cream. Not only can you get regular ice cream, but you can also get your ice cream in a mason jar with donuts or even in a lightbulb.

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