So, you want to try yoga?

September is National Yoga Month. Maybe you have been thinking of trying a yoga class or you stopped doing yoga with everything going on in the world and now you want to get back into it. This would be a great time to try taking a class.

Things to know before your first class

Whether you are doing an in-person, online or a pre-recorded class, there are several things that you need to know before you start your first class. Look into some basic poses, that way you are familiar enough to follow along and not fall too far behind. Do not go in with expectations. Go in with an open mind. Yoga is just as much of a mental exercise as it is a physical one. Know your limits, but be flexible with them and learn to work to push yourself further.

There are a few items that you will need. Water is the most important thing you will need to remember before going to any exercise class. Staying hydrated is very important. If you have a yoga mat, use it. Otherwise, there are some things that you can substitute for it. All you need in a mat to do yoga is a cushioning non-slip surface, something comfortable. Try using a rug or a blanket. If you want to do yoga outside, a nice and soft patch of grass is a great place to exercise and get some fresh air. Maybe you want to go to the beach. Slightly wet sand can be a little bit more challenging, but it will give you a better workout than on just a flat surface. A towel is another item you may consider.

Where to look for classes and lessons

The RecPlex offers yoga classes every day, except Mondays. Try a few of these classes. See which instructor fits you best. Find the right skill level to start with and then work up to the higher levels at your own pace. The Yoga Journal has a calendar for National Yoga Month with daily lessons and tips for those who want to learn more. With current regulations, you might not want to try going to a class in person. You can easily find classes online. Our copy editor, Flor Ana Mireles, suggests Yoga With Adrienne on YouTube. While I don’t use YouTube guides for yoga, I will use the numerous meditation music videos while doing yoga or relaxing.

Regardless of how you’re doing it, yoga is a great way to keep both the mind and body balanced. Try some yoga this month. 


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