This Week in Sports History (September 15th-21st)

September 15

Pim Mulier starts the Haarlem Football Club

In 1879, Pim Mulier founded the Haarlem Football Club, a Dutch soccer club that ran from 1879-2010, reaching five Cup finals and winning twice in 1902 and 1912. Muller was only 14 years old when he founded the club.


September 16

Washington Redskins play first NFL game under a new name

Previously known as the Boston Braves from 1932-1937, the Washington Redskins played their first game under their new name against the New York Giants on Sept. 16 1937. They defeated the Giants, 13-3, and went on to win the championship later that year.


September 17

Jackie Robinson named “Rookie of the Year” by Sporting News

Jackie Robinson, second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers, was awarded the first Rookie of the Year Award by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America on Sept. 17, 1947.


September 18

World Golf Hall of Fame gains two new members

Seve Ballesteros and Nick Faldo were elected to join the 1997 World Golf Hall of Fame. Ballesteros had won a record-breaking 50 European tour titles and Faldo had won 30 and made No. 1 on the Official World Golf Ranking for 97 weeks.


September 19

Thomas Ray breaks Pole Vault Record at 17

British athlete Thomas Ray became the youngest person to break a pole-vaulting record at only 17 years old in 1879. He vaulted 11’ 2 ½”, shattering the previous record.


September 20

Billie Jean King wins Battle-of-Sexes Tennis Match

Billie Jean King, 22, beat seasoned champion Bobby Riggs, 55, in the famous “Battle of the Sexes” tennis match in 1973. This was a major leap for women in tennis as King went on to start the Women’s Tennis Association and the Women’s Sports Foundation.


September 21

Nate Archibald signs deal with New York Nets

Nate “Tiny” Archibald, who originally played for the Kansas City Kings, was traded to the New York Nets for a seven-year contract worth $450,000 in 1973. He played for the Nets until 1981 when he joined the Boston Celtics.

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