Don’t wait till the last minute, professors

There’s nothing worse than feeling like you need to rush through an assignment in order to meet the deadline. It messes with the flow of getting the work done and may leave you feeling like you could’ve done better. Whether you’re like me, who likes to complete assignments before they are due, or procrastinate until the last minute, sometimes, it is not entirely up to you. 

Especially with the current state of the world, it’s understandable for a professor to feel they have more on their plate and get back to students a little later than expected. While we’re still not entirely accustomed to our current state of living, we should still be aware of everyone’s time. Just how professors do not like for students to wait until the last minute to do or turn in an assignment, students do not like waiting until the last minute to receive an assignment.

Getting an assignment a day or hours before class time has been something new I’ve experienced this semester. For the most part, the assignments have been manageable despite the lack of time to do them, but this is still not okay — or something professors should constantly be doing. For students taking a multitude of classes, time management is of the essence to get all assignments and readings done with time, especially in times like these where they may be attending classes completely remotely.

Giving students an assignment with little time to do it may not only hinder the student’s grade, but may cause the student to feel a little dread towards the class, regardless of what class it is. Everyone’s time is valuable and no one should feel that they don’t have time to complete something, especially when the class only meets once or twice a week. Professors who teach courses who do not meet every day or three times a week should give assignments with time so that the student can do it and then focus on other assignments they may need to do. Meeting only once or twice a week gives the student a longer break than usual between classes and being on top of assigning assignments can help students feel more engaged in the class.

No one likes to feel rushed, especially when it comes to something as important as class assignments, which play a heavy role in your grade. Responsible students want their professors to showcase that same level of responsibility. While we are still trying to navigate through these strange times, the least we can do to help each other sail smoothly is respect each other’s time and not wait till the last minute to assign or do homework. 

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