Gill Out: Dandee Donut

Have a break in between classes and are in the mood to indulge in something sweet? Well, you’ve come to the right place. 


The Dandee Donut Factory (Dandee Donuts) not only specializes in old-fashioned donuts, but also serves breakfast food with a diner feel. I went on the hunt for tasty donuts and found this hidden gem.


If you’re looking for extravagant donuts that aren’t too rich, this is your place. Dandee Donuts has over 50 flavorful varieties, ranging from pistachio to a chocolate butternut donut. Funky, huh? I’ve never been to a donut place that has such a wide assortment, so this was an instant pick for me.


Living in Hollywood for almost 10 years now, I’ve driven past Dandee Donuts without stopping more times than I should have. Judging from where this small factory is, not many people would know about it unless you’ve been coming here for years or are familiar with the area. I’m glad I used my handy Yelp app to guide me to this amazing place.


Walking up to the shop, you are greeted by their famous donut window sticker — – a photo worth taking. Next, there is a take-out window, which wasn’t open at the time I went, although I’m unsure as to whether the window was closed because of how late it was or COVID-19 regulations.


As soon as you walk in, the smell of the freshly made donuts welcomes you. Judging from the look on the inside, I’m sure Dandee Donuts had plenty of customers before social distancing was enforced. There were many booths and chairs and a group of older men having their famous daily freshly brewed coffee.


Turning to the register, the large assortment of donuts awaits for your choosing. Make sure you let the employee know how many donuts you would like to buy to ensure they pick up a box or bag for you.


As soon as you choose your donuts or an entrée, you can either take out or sit down in one of their socially distant booths that are open.


At my time at Dandee Donuts, I chose six donuts to take home for my family and I to try. I chose red velvet, coconut cream, fruity pebbles with strawberry glaze, regular glazed, sugar twist and vanilla frosted.


I would recommend swinging by this donut factory whenever you have the chance. Their “mom and pop” restaurant feeling is one you would not like to miss out on — and neither are their amazing donuts.


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