Billie is NOT the unicorn of razors, but Dollar Shave Club might be

If you’ve been watching YouTube lately, you may have skipped over some interesting razor advertisements. Two that caught my eye enough to try them were Billie and Dollar Shave Club. 


I started off with Dollar Shave Club, and eventually, tried Billie. Having tried both for long periods of time, here’s the razor that’s worth it the razor that’s maybe not. 



The starter kit for both these brands have different prices, with Dollar Shave Club being,the most affordable razor at $5 and the option that brings more goodies, like an extra blade, prep scrub, shave butter and post shave dew. Billie, on the other hand, prices their razor starter kit at $9 and only includes the razor and an extra blade and a ‘magic holder.’ The plus side of both companies is that they do offer free shipping, which is always a great selling point to college students.



When it comes to packaging, both companies seem to know what they’re doing. Both send their products in branded boxes, but even then, Dollar Shave Club is including some goodies that Billie is not. While Billie’s packaging may be more aesthetically pleasing due to its simple, yet colorful design, Dollar Shave Club’s box actually comes with their own Dollar Shave Club Magazine, which has been partnering with MEL Magazine and includes little entertaining bathroom tips and reads. 



While Billie may be marketed as “The unicorn of razors,” your legs may think this unicorn is not as magical. With that said, I would not recommend the Billie razor for your legs if you’re looking for a smooth, close shave or have sensitive skin. Upon multiple uses, I found myself still having prickly legs and razor burn. While the Billie razor does come with built-in shaving cream above the blades, I feel Dollar Shave Club’s shaving butter actually works better. In fact, the Dollar Shave Club razor actually shaves better too, leaving skin feeling really smooth. With Dollar Shave Club, I found myself having little to none razor burn and have to shave less frequently. 


Now, hygiene experts have claimed it’s actually better to have different razors for different body parts. With that, I have decided to use my Billie razor for my bikini area, as it does not cause irritation in that area because of the built-in shaving cream, and my Dollar Shave Club razor for my underarms and legs, as it leaves a closer, smoother shave that requires a little less maintenance. 


Overall, I have to say that Dollar Shave Club really is the unicorn of razors, despite that being Billie’s slogan. Not only are you getting more for your buck with Dollar Shave Club, but, at least for me, you’re guaranteed results and a little more TLC. 

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