International Tidings (Oct. 6th)

EU takes legal action against Britain

Last Thursday, the European Union commission sent a formal notice letter to the United Kingdom government, which states the start of a protracted legal battle between the two, according to the Associated Press. The motivation behind the legal action takes place after the U.K. made significant progress in moving forward with the Internal Market Bill, which could lead to the reimposition of a hard land border between Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom, and Ireland, a member of the EU. The EU provided the U.K. with significant forewarning of their motivation to proceed with legal action if the country continued to move forward with the bill, as the bill would erode stability between the two nations that has been settled since 1998. If the Internal Market Bill becomes British law, it will give the government of Britain the power to disregard part of the recent Brexit Withdrawal Treaty that deals with trade to and from Northern Ireland. 


Protests erupt toward Indian government after brutal crime

Hundreds of protesters demanded for the dismissal of the government of a northern Indian state after a 19-year-old woman was a victim of sexual assault and later died in a hospital, according to the Associated Press. The protests erupted last Friday after Prime Minister Narendra Modi refused citizens to meet the victim’s family by closing off the victim’s village. Protesters have accused the government and authorities of trying to hush the crime due to the victim’s low social caste. However, authorities have claimed that four suspects, all from an upper social caste, have been arrested and five police officers have been suspended due to their negligence. 


After long term stalemate, Belgium forms a government

Last Thursday, a ragile coalition government took power in Belgium after nearly two years without a formal government in place, according to The New York Times. The new government is a combination of seven political parties as an attempt to ward off a growing far-right movement in the country. Due to its large body, officials are worried the new government may topple over even the smallest of disagreements. Additionally, the newly formed government means the removal of current ministers who have handled, not only the pandemic, but everything else for the past two years with emergency powers.  


Italian engineers make 3-D print of renaissance masterpiece

Italian officials announced last week that a team of Italian engineers, technicians, craftspeople and restorers have been working on a 3-D print of an exact copy of Michelangelo’s David sculpture. The replica is an attempt for Italian officials to showcase, not only classic Italian craftsmanship, but also high-tech knowledge in the modern age. The piece will be in the center of the Italy Pavilion at the next world fair, which has been postponed until Oct. 1, 2021.


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