This Week in Sports History (Oct. 6-12)

October 6 

First brothers to play against each other in the World Series 


The Johnson Brothers squared off in the 1920 World Series, with Doc Johnson at the pitcher’s mound for the Cleveland Indians and Jimmy Johnson playing third base for the Brooklyn Robins. It would be the first time two brothers played on opposing teams.


October 7 

Howard Stern plays tennis against his producer 

Stern, as part of his variety show “Howard Stern’s U.S. Open Sores,” played a match of tennis at the Nassau Coliseum in 1989. Stern went up against his producer after an extremely wacky night that featured the National Anthem played by tongue.


October 8 

Two British boxers become the first to use gloves 

An early adaptation of the modern-day boxing gloves were first used in 1818 during a match in France against two British fighters, setting the standard for centuries to come. A journalist who was present described the boxers wearing rough pillows on their hands.


October 9 

President Woodrow Wilson attends the first World Series 

President Wilson became the first President to attend a game of the World Series in 1915. This tradition continues to be carried out today as presidents still set aside one night of their term to watch the championship games.


October 10 

Women attend a soccer match in Iran 

In 2019, women were allowed to attend a soccer match in Tehran, Iran. The first time since the 1970s. Taking advantage of the event, roughly 3,500 women showed up for the World Cup qualifier match.


October 11 

Lou Gehrig named American League MVP 

The Yankees’ First Baseman Lou Gehrig earned the title of American League MVP for the year 1927. He would pass away in 1941 from a then-unknown disease, which is now known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. 


October 12 

Brett “The Hitman” Hart defeated Ric Flair for the WWE Heavyweight Championship 

Hart secured the title belt after a nasty bout with “Nature Boy” Ric Flair in 1992, just a few years before the industry would change forever due to the Attitude Era. It would be just one of the many times Hart won the title, but by far, the most memorable due to his feud with Flair.

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