Is $70 too much for a video game?

$70 is too much for a game

Nyla Whyte

Recently, the world of gaming has been seeing an unfortunate new trend. Video games are getting more and more expensive, and the average player can’t keep up with these inflating prices. 

We’re seeing more video games releasing at prices upwards of $70. Even though fans are calling out these major price jumps, many have resigned to either saving up or taking their money elsewhere. Others simply choose to wait for a price drop that usually occurs months after the game’s release. In doing this, they miss out on the original hype, but ultimately, they’re saving long-term. Is it acceptable to let developers get away with these prices? No. It’s unreasonable and unfair to expect consumers to have to spend so much to enjoy a game. 

Another issue gamers have with this inflation is that they pay this high price and still might not get the full experience. Almost every video game on the market nowadays offers additional DLCs, or downloadable content, that can be purchased and added to a game to upgrade its features. You have the option to purchase limited-edition weapons or character customizations for an additional cost, totally the choice of the consumer, right? Not always. Some DLCs expand gameplay so dramatically, that you’d be playing an entirely different game without them. As more new content is introduced, standard gameplay will no longer be on par with the boosted gameplay allowed by DLCs, and the average player will be left dissatisfied with a game they paid top dollar for.

$70 is not too expensive for video games

Chloe Rousseau

For as long as I can remember, video games for both the PlayStation and Xbox have been $60 and I am surprised that the price did not go up earlier when the last Xbox and PlayStation were released in 2013. Realistically, Sony bringing prices of PlayStation games up to $70 should not come as a shock to anyone who plays games. If you have already spent the $400-$500 on the console, the price of the game is minuscule in comparison. If you look at the quality of games, they have vastly improved since 2013 when the last consoles were released. The games are becoming better and better and have become very realistic in cutscenes. The cost of making games this detailed is a long and expensive process, and the game designers and coders really should be paid more for it. These games for the PlayStation 5 are going to be available in both a digital and physical version. The console will also be backward compatible, so it makes the $10 price rise for new games not as bad because old games can still be played on the PlayStation 5. 

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