Ten ways to enjoy Thanksgiving on campus

Thanksgiving is a time for a break from school, lots of food, and time spent with family. But for a college student, going home for the holiday is not always as easy as pumpkin pie. Some students have to spend the pilgrim holiday on campus hanging out with friends, studying and eating on campus. Here are some non-traditional ways to make the most out of your college-style Thanksgiving.

Diary of… A first-generation college student

Tilly Maame Afua Owusuwaa is a junior business administration major. Her interests include history and reading about different cultures and their similarities. She enjoys extra-curricular activities, listening to music, singing and dancing. Her philosophy is to keep a clean and pure heart and to ask God for a renewed mind every day. She plans to become part of Ablaze, the Nova International Student Association and Raw Xplosure Modeling Troupe.

Diary of… A student with multiple sclerosis

Monica Herrera is a senior majoring in communication studies, dance and theatre. She is a member of the Nova Dance Society and appeared in “Ruthless: the Musical,” “Dress Code: Respond If You Please,” “Sure Thing,” “Gypsy: the Musical” and “Dead Man Walking.” She also does technical work in NSU productions and studied at the New World School of Arts and the STAR Academy of Performing Arts at Dr. Michael M. Krop Senior High School.

Journey through a day in the life of an average college student

Looking back, I see how this experiment taught me that average doesn’t have to be boring. But I still find myself thinking that it’s sad that the word average exists. Average life for some is so varied, exciting and eclectic that the “other” category can range from skydiving to writing a novel to redecorating a dorm room. The humdrum of everyday life should sound like a really good adventure movie — suspenseful, stimulating and exhilarating. Some things are bound to be routine like grooming, driving and, of course, sleeping. But it’s what you do with what’s left of your time that determines whether your life is average or amazing.

Faculty Spotlight: Tommie Boyd

Tommie Boyd, Ph.D., came to NSU in 1995 to complete her doctoral degree. She liked it so much that she decided to become a professor after completing her studies. Boyd is an associate professor and chair of the department of family therapy in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences. She said that a passion for students led her to teaching.