$2.5 million reasons to get involved in campus life

The undergraduate population at NSU is approximately 5,000. Each student pays $500 every academic school year in student activity fees. This means that undergraduate students have approximately $2.5 million reasons to get involved in campus life. Think about it as taxes. When you become a taxpaying member of society, will you simply pay your taxes and stand on the sidelines while the government does as it pleases, without voicing your concern and effecting change?

Letter to the editor

I am writing this letter because I feel that there may be other students who are going through similar issues. It is very difficult to coordinate medical appointments and outside dental places are not going to factor in that I am a full time graduate student and cannot afford to take off work to go to the dentist.

NSU academic advisers: Are they really that helpful?

All NSU students have had the opportunity to meet with his or her academic adviser. Everyone has had their own experiences and have formed their own opinions about them. I was under the impression that advisers are supposed to help us, but do they? During the registration process, scheduling process, and orientation process, oh yes, friendliness and “valuable” information is always present in an adviser’s greeting. But after that, it’s a different story.

Careful what you name your kids

I don’t think it should matter if your first, middle or last name is offensive to anyone. We all have the same freedom of speech to name our kids whatever we want. Michael Jackson named his son Blanket, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple, and no one batted an eye. Who cares if people associate your children’s names with a ruthless dictator or some other negative political movement. Our president’s middle name is Hussein for Pete’s sake.