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Lebron snaps back at ‘fans’ that burn jerseys

Lebron James took to Twitter Aug. 24 to weigh in on fans burning jerseys of basketball players who get traded or choose to go to different teams, according to ESPN. Several Celtics fans have posted videos on social media burning their Isaiah Thomas jerseys after Thomas was traded from the Celtics to the Cavaliers. James posted several tweets defending his teammate and admonishing fans for blaming the players and never the teams.

Yankees and Tigers brawl leads to eight ejections, four suspensions

Miguel Cabrera and Austin Romine, who play for the Tigers and Yankees respectively, got into an altercation during their game on Aug. 24, according to ESPN. Tensions ran high throughout the game, as there were three separate altercations, eight total ejections and four suspensions due to several Tigers’ pitches intentionally hitting Yankees players. Among the ejected were Cabrera and Romine, as well as the Yankees manager Joe Girardi and Tigers manager Brad Ausmus. Suspended players include Cabrera and Alex Wilson of the Tigers and Romine and Gary Sanchez of the Yankees.

Seth DeValve first white NFL Player to kneel during national anthem

Seth DeValve, Browns tight end, took the knee during the national anthem on Aug. 21, according to USA Today, and became the first white NFL player to do so. His wife Erica Harris DeValve, who is African-American, responded in an article for theroot.com on Aug, 24. While she acknowledged the importance of DeValve’s gesture, she pointed out that Colin Kaepernick remains unsigned, likely as a result of doing the same thing,

Revolutionary shoulder pads become popular among NFL players

XTECH has recently designed the X2 Shoulder Pad, which is more lightweight and flexible than standard shoulder pads, according to USA Today. Players like New York Jets defensive tackle Steve McLendon praise the pad because it provides protection, absorbs impacts and allows greater range of motion and line of sight. XTECH caters to NFL, college and youth football players