History of campus art revealed

There are various art exhibits and pieces that adorn NSU’s campus. While most of these may be well known, such as the shark statue in front of the Don Taft University Center or the shark fin floating in Gold Circle Lake, their histories and how they came to be may be a mystery to some. To shed light on both the origins and history of the various installations of art around campus, The Current will explore the readily noticeable pieces in this issue and the more mysterious pieces found around the campus in a later issue.

Hispanic Heritage Month: Transforming obsolete objects into art

A collection of crushed plastic bottles lay in a pile. Each discarded SEI-brand container resembles a 19th century soldier’s canteen. Back then, each canteen held water — a refreshing and prized commodity for any soldier engrossed in grueling combat. At first glance today, each bottle is merely a piece of empty, mangled plastic. In the eyes of Juana Valdes, however, each bottle is an essential component of a work of art.