Tech alternatives to texting while driving

Texting while driving has become such a problem that it has brought about new legislation in various states. Many accidents are caused by someone attempting to “multitask.” I think I speak for the majority when I ask everyone to just put down their phone for a bit and focus on driving. But, just in case you can’t heed my advice due to your emotional connection to that iPhone, here are a few alternatives:

Dear self-absorbed drivers: Get out of the way

“Are you kidding me? Again with this nonsense!” This was my very thought this morning as I attempted to enter the parking garage at the east entrance nearest DeSantis. Merely getting into the garage is the least of my concerns on any given day. However, this particular morning reminded me of what appears to be an ever–growing number of occasions when, upon arrival at the parking garage, there is a long queue of cars waiting to enter the facility.