Happy Hunger Games

After watching this movie, I can happily tell you guys, this movie isn’t just for girls. There is a slight love triangle, two hot guys and a heroine (girl power!), but the movie is also about children killing other children. The movie didn’t tone down the violence. We saw children from 11 districts turn into killing machines to become the lone survivor. So, guys and gals this movie is for both of you and may the odds be ever in your favor.

The Hunger games left me starving

“The Hunger Games” makes special use of the first person restricted point of view. I am trapped inside Katniss’ thoughts which come as fragments, short musings, or rushed sentences. Slowly, it changes from me simply reading the book to me experiencing Katniss’ reality. This is where it turns from good to amazing for me. I am identifying completely with ‘the girl from District 12.’