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JuiceBlendz CEO visits NSU

On April 9, Adam Ogden, the founder and CEO of JuiceBlendz, a national smoothie and juice bar franchise based in South Florida, visited NSU to launch his College Road Tour and speak at the H. Wayne Huizenga School of Business and Entrepreneurship.
A state-of-the-art JuiceBlendz Mobile Blending Unit was parked outside of the Don Taft University Center providing students with free samples of JuiceBlendz smoothies. Students were also able to pick up free T-shirts after following JuiceBlendz on Twitter and liking them on Facebook.

Diary of… a student who visited genocide memorials abroad

Lindsey Farah Goldstein is a sophomore education major and leadership minor. She is the vice president of Hillel, is in the Razor’s Edge Leadership Scholarship Program, is the Relay for Life Committee Team Development Chair, is the Office of Student Activities SEA Thursday Chair, is the Secretary and Historian of CAUSE and an Orientation Assistant for the 2012-2013 school year. Her favorite quote is, “Life is like photography, you develop from the negatives.”

How to dress for an interview

Your parents have always told you that first impressions are important. They were right. How you present yourself can make a lasting impression on someone you’ve just met, like a future employer. A great first impression doesn’t just mean answering all the questions correctly or having a perfect resume with references on hand. It includes dressing the part and looking appropriate. If you’re scheduled for an interview soon, keep these tips in mind:

FCAT, SATs, ACTs and the GRE: A standardized life and a scholar’s nightmare

This is my beef with standardized testing: It’s bogus — especially when you were unfortunate enough to have been passed through the entire Florida educational system. For those of you feeling the impending doom of the post-college life, I’m right there with you. Graduate school sounds like a fantastic escape from the “real world,” right? Ehh, not when you step out of a GRE testing center.

Eating healthy at NSU

At NSU, eating healthy can be quite difficult, as well as quite expensive. Most of the food options don’t offer readily available nutritional information to students and tend to charge high prices for items that appear to be healthy alternatives. So here are a few tips that will save you money and keep your waistline in check:

Farquhar Writing Contest winner

The Farquhar College of Arts and Sciences held the 1st Annual Farquhar Writing Contest this semester. The contest was for undergraduate students who wanted to submit a 3-5 page personal essay surrounding NSU’s theme of “Truth and Power.” The prompt for the contest was: “How does the theme of Truth and Power help you understand your role as a student at NSU?” Below is the winning essay written by Kareen Barakat, freshman English major.

Wrestling: Sport or soap opera?

So, there’s this episode of South Park (stay with me now) where the main characters try their hands at wrestling. The brand of wrestling the boys take on is one of drama, story lines, and little-to-none actual wrestling. It involved all sorts of convoluted plots and cheesy stories about girlfriend-stealing, revenge and the like. There was even this gentleman (his name escapes me) who was frustrated with this format. He harked back to the days of “wrastling”, the type of wrestling you see in high schools and colleges – jock straps and all.