Creative ways to tackle Super Bowl hunger

For some, the Super Bowl is a chance to watch the biggest NFL game of the year, but for others, it’s just another excuse to have a bunch of friends come together and eat some delicious food. Whether you want to actually watch the game or just enjoy some laugh-until-you-cry commercials, here a few ideas to really get the crowd excited.

St. Patrick’s Day recipes

It’s rare that the U.S. celebrates an international holiday dedicated to a specific culture and country. St. Patrick’s Day is only 11 days away and it’s time to start thinking about how you can immerse yourself in Irish culture for a day (or how much green you can wear in one day). One way to immerse yourself in a culture is with food. Below are food and drink recipes that you should make this St. Patrick’s Day to celebrate the holiday.

Recipes of the month — Pumpkin

In October, leaves change into beautiful rich colors of yellow, orange and even magenta, depending on where you live. There are also numerous festivities, special events and cultural celebrations all over the United States and abroad. Included in those festivities and celebrations are varieties of food. One food in particular is used in main dishes and desserts — pumpkin.