Diary of… a Student Who Studied Abroad

We studied with about 40-50 different students from all around the US and all around the world. I now know people from about 15 different states and even met a girl from Iceland. I don’t know why that is so exciting to me, but it is.
I look back at my experience and thank God everyday for giving me the opportunity to have my eyes opened. Although we had to give up a lot to go on this trip, it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I was always an optimistic person, and this trip showed me all the possibilities that are out there, and now that I have had a piece of it I know that if I work hard, I can do it all.

How to survive midterm week

Eek, it’s midterm week! Can you hear the sounds of panicked students frantically trying to shove knowledge into their brains while gulping down coffee to keep them up, or the students freaking out over a 20–page midterm that’s worth 35 percent of their grade (which they had almost a month to do)?

Site of the Week: Studystack.com

It’s been a long day and you still have three chapters to study before your exam. Just the thought of reading the material puts you to sleep. Instead of studying, you end up wasting time on Facebook since you “won’t retain the information anyway.” Does this sound familiar?