Get your workout without losing much study time

It’s almost time for midterms which means in addition to cramming in all that information you were supposed to be learning since the beginning of the semester, you’re also cramming your face full of junk food.

But all those fat cells and preservatives just slow your brain cells down. The best way to help that knowledge sink in is to get up and get the blood flowing. Since you probably don’t have time for a full work out, any exercise is better than none. So, here are some ideas to help get you moving without sacrificing too much
study time.

Book it

No, don’t call to schedule one, use your books. Just close them for a few minutes. Grab two of the same size and use them like weights. Hold them in your hands, palm up and curl. Hold your arms straight and lift them to shoulder level. Lay down with the books on your Cheeto–stuffed belly, cross your arms over them and sit up. If you must keep a book open to read, put it on the floor, and push yourself up onto your elbows and toes in the plank position. See how many lines you can read before you drop down on top of it.

Just jump

Jumping rope burns a lot of calories and is one of the quickest ways to get warmed up. If you don’t have a rope, just put your books on the floor and jump over them — back and forth and side to side. Just don’t stack them too high. You’re looking for a way to help you study, not an excuse to miss your exams.

Get out 

The quad has become a popular place to hang out and with all those orientation and information gathering sessions, you’re bound to know someone who picked up a Frisbee. Get out there and throw it around. Don’t worry if you’re not good at it. Running after the Frisbee is just more exercise for you.

Run away

If you’re studying at the library, put the books down and run. Just behind the building is a peaceful lake with a walkway around it. Walk or run a few laps then head back to the books refreshed. Or, if you don’t want to face the humidity outside,  use the stairs inside the library to do some lunges or sprints.

Wherever you happen to study, remember to take some time to work out more than the arm holding the bag of chips. Put down the notebooks full of indecipherable scribble, back away from the M&Ms and get some exercise. Your brain cells will thank you and your jeans will still zip up the day after midterms.

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