Date night ideas that will leave an impression

Whether you’re a guy or a girl, planning a date night can be a difficult task. Even if you consider yourself a pro at romanticism, thinking of new and creative date ideas can be just as hard as studying for a midterm. If you’re trying to impress your boyfriend or girlfriend of two years or the guy or girl that’s going out with you for the first time, you want to make date nights special. Here are a few ideas that will earn you an “A” with your significant other.

If you’re willing to drive for good food:

Take your date to Le Petit Prince located on 311 Johnson Street, Hollywood, FL. Hollywood beach is known for the waves, the restaurants and the bands playing at the Hollywood Beach Dome, but it’s also home to a quaint restaurant with a French vibe. Le Petite Prince sells sandwiches, salads, and smoothies all made with fresh ingredients (their mozzarella cheese is to die for), but they also sell dessert crepes which are my favorite. They make fresh crepes filled with fruit, nutella and whipped cream that leaves your taste buds happy and your stomach full. Le Petite Prince also sells coffee to enjoy with your dessert and it promises to be the best around.

If you’re looking for a great pizza restaurant, check out Pizza Rustica, which has restaurants in Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. If you go to the Pizza Rustica on Lincoln Road in Miami, you may have to fight for a table, but the selection of pizza is worth it. The restaurant displays every pizza for people to look at and choose; and the pizza tastes just as good as it looks. You can split a pizza or order a slice for yourself (the portions are bigger than your average slice from Papa Johns) and sit back knowing your pizza will not disappoint.

If you want an uninterrupted date:

One of the best ways to have some alone time is to pack a picnic. I know Florida isn’t the best state for a breezy fall season, but one of these days you’ll be able to stay outside and not melt. And when that day comes, pack a picnic for your date. Buy a basket, pick up some subs from Publix or Cheese Course (there’s one in Weston Town Center), pack chips and drinks, and don’t forget a blanket. Take your date to Tradewinds Park, Markham Park or the Library Quad and enjoy each other’s company.

Another simple way to have a date with no interruptions from a waiter, stranger or friend, is to rent a movie and have a night in. Especially around midterm time, who wouldn’t like a night in comfy clothing eating pizza and dessert? Buy a pizza with your date’s favorite toppings and make (or buy) their favorite dessert. If you need dessert ideas, brownies, popcorn, chocolate and cookies go great with pizza and a movie. Or, Stork’s Bakery and Coffee House, just south of NSU on University Drive, may provide the perfect dessert for this night in.

If you want to be creative:

One of the cutest things you can do to impress your first date or rekindle that spark in your long-term relationship is to plan the entire day. Take a basket and fill it with everything you’re going to do that day. For example, once for my boyfriend’s birthday, I tied balloons to a basket and put a menu inside to the restaurant we were going to eat at, the movie we were going to watch and his birthday present.  I also cut out balloon shaped paper that listed the other things we were going to do that day. This will be a much cuter way than just telling your date what you will do for your anniversary or first date.

If you want a creative way to enjoy different types of food with your date, here’s a fun way to do that. Find out some of your date’s favorite restaurants and what they like about them (the dessert, appetizers or main course). Then pick one restaurant for appetizers, one for the main course and one for dessert. You may not want to go on a Friday or Saturday night when every restaurant has a wait, but this might be a fun way to drive around town and enjoy good food.

Seeing that smile on your significant other’s face when they find out all the work you put into their date (even if you did just read this article), can be one of the most rewarding things in a relationship. Hopefully, some of these ideas will put that smile on the face of the guy or girl you’re trying to impress and leave you with a wonderful memory.

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