MonthJuly 2010

Don’t Forget Your Shark Card

As a new student, you’ll quickly learn how important it is to have your SharkCard on you at all times. The Shark Card is an identification card that features a student’s name and photograph, NSU’s Shark logo, a student’s library card number and other identifying information like the ISO number and SmartChip used for vending purchases. With the SharkCard you’ll gain entrance to a variety of places around campus like parking areas, the library, the RecPlex, and the residence halls (if you live there). You’ll also be able to add money if needed to make purchases with your SharkCard for student necessities like food, photocopies, and library dues.

Express Yourself: Digressions

Do not miss this opportunity. Digressions magazine is your chance to be heard and seen. All of those poems you’ve been writing or those short stories you’ve been developing, even the pictures you’ve been taking – Digressions wants to show off your talent.

On the Bench: Why NSU Doesn’t Need Football

NSU athletics has grown exponentially in recent years. With the addition of a swimming and diving program and a new athletics building opening in August – NSU athletics is heading in the right direction. NSU athletics has begun to establish itself at the national level becoming national champions in women’s golf and women’s rowing. NSU athletics boasts some of the best facilities in Division II athletics. NSU athletics doesn’t need a football team.