NSU’s Student Educational Centers in Florida

SEC is a term you will hear often around campus. It stands for Student Educational Center. An SEC is a satellite campus that offers courses to students at different locations. Here’s some information on what the SECs around Florida have to offer students outside of the classroom.

Class Celebration is an event held for graduating students at the end of the year. Students are recognized for their achievements alongside their families, peers, and colleagues. This event is held at the SEC and allows the students to celebrate with individuals who may not be able to make the drive to Commencement which is held in South Florida annually. The Class Celebration includes a dinner and a short program recognizing graduates with a special gift.

Fall Recognition is designed to recognize the achievements of those students who are graduating in the fall semester, as well as those who are entering their final semester of internship during the winter semester. The event is usually a casual dinner or reception in which interns and graduates are allowed to bring guests and receive a small token commemorating their achievement. The event also serves as an excellent opportunity for students to gain more information about the upcoming Commencement, Class Celebration and alumni events.

Family “Fin” Day is a special event at each SEC and involves NSU students and their families. Each SEC hosts a different program held at different recreational facilities local to the SEC community. Some past events have included Jacksonville Zoo, Wet n’ Wild Water Park, Tropical Park, Family Fun Center, and the West Palm Beach Zoo.

The SEC’s also hold monthly events including Dine & Learns. Dine & Learns provides students with an opportunity to continue their education outside of the classroom. These programs vary in subject and cover specific topics of interest. They are designed to give students personal help. For example, topics can cover subjects such as, grants and scholarship information, online learning guides, how to write an APA style paper, and more. Dine & Learns also provide a light meal for attending students.

A semiregular event that is also held at many SECs is the event series, NSU Nights Out. NSU Nights Out are opportunities for NSU students and staff to learn, socialize, and network outside the classroom and into the community. NSU Nights Out are held throughout the semester and involve a night of fun and exciting entertainment which enables students to meet NSU students off campus at little to no cost. The events foster new friendships and opportunities to become involved with the Student Government Association and the community. Past NSU Nights Out have included trips to the symphony, ball games, karaoke, theatre, restaurants, and charitable organizations.

Other events or organizations to look out for on campus include the Student Government Associations at each respective campus. For more information click here.

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