Discover the outdoors and Florida’s natural areas

Florida’s geographical location, climate and geology make this state unlike any other. Its peninsular shape along the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico make for the longest coastline in the 48 contiguous states. Its semi-tropical climate allows it to have a diverse array of flora and fauna — some seen nowhere else in the world. The mostly low, flat terrain and absorbent, water-retaining limestone bedrock make this state rich in valuable water resources above and below ground.

Florida must see sights

While you live in Florida, it is important to remember that this state has more than just Disney World, Panama City and Bush Gardens. Florida has more than theme parks and beaches. It is the home of many historic places that any sightseer and food connoisseur would love.

Florida as paradise is an overstatement

When “fall” does hit in December, that’s all we get — a little cold weather and then back to the heat. All Floridians experience is cold weather in a warm state. We can’t do what Northerners do because we have no snow, and we can’t do what Floridians do because it’s not warm enough. We’re just stuck doing our same old routine with more layers on.

Get out and enjoy Florida

We live in Florida, the Sunshine State, the only state where it didn’t snow this winter. (Yes, it even snowed in Hawaii.) Yet, some of us spend most of our time inside. That ends now. Here are a few ways you can make the rest of the country jealous while you enjoy the sunshine.