MonthJuly 2010

The People Who Keep the Players on the Field

The athletic training staff and faculty are an essential component of the athletic community. The staff and faculty are comprised of five members: Assistant Athletic Director of Sports Medicine Larry Starr, along with Head Athletic Trainers Jason Palmateer, Zevon Stubblefield, Dustin Gatens and Amy Reckard. Each member is equipped with the experience and qualifications to provide evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation and injury prevention techniques to NSU’s student-athletes.

Since When Are Animals the Enemy?

When Godzilla destroyed Tokyo that was harsh. When the “Cloverfield” monster took a bite out of the Big Apple that was unnecessary. When Jaws chomped that woman’s leg, now, that was just mean. But when a killer whale attacks a trainer or a chimpanzee attacks its owner, I find it hard to blame the animal.

Goodbye FCAT, Hello Education

April marked a historic time for the public school system as President Obama and Arne Duncan, U.S. Secretary of Education, announced that they were drafting a blueprint to “overhaul” the No Child Left Behind policy and improve the quality of the nation’s schools – exactly what the current policy left behind. Though they are only in the planning process, this is the one of the greatest and most desirable moves the White House has made to date – even more so than healthcare reform.