MonthJuly 2010

Safety Always Comes First

Crime never sleeps, especially on college campuses. Recently, flyers posted around campus told NSU students about an alleged assault and hit-and-run on campus. With national campus shootings and the stabbing of Florida International University student, Kendall Berry on its campus, students are more concerned than ever about how they are alerted about campus crime and emergencies such as shootings, fires and other crises.

Editor’s Note: Orientation Issue 2010

Reasons to go to college: expand your knowledge and skills; express your thoughts succinctly in writing and speech; grasp abstract concepts and theories; and increase your understanding of the world and your community. Yes, these are all good reasons to go to college but what about parties, boys (or girls), and getting more life experience than you will ever want? Welcome to NSU!

Technology Makes Life Easier for Students at NSU

Hollywood often presents technology as a force of evil. There are the killer robots in “iRobot,” Whiplash in “Ironman 2” and the first terminator sent to kill John Connor in the “Terminator” series, but at NSU technology is a force of good – unlike those robots. It helps students with their research, their communication and even their laundry.