Ways to get cash in college

If your book bag is heavy and your wallet is light, you’re most likely a college student. But being broke doesn’t have to be part of your college experience. Here are some ways to make extra cash.

Sell your stuff online

List your personal items and sell them on eBay or Craigslist. Someone might want to buy your old videogames, movies, comic books or other items.

Sell your body parts

Don’t start removing your organs just yet. These body parts are replaceable. Clinics will pay you up to $35 for blood plasma, $40 for sperm, and $5,000 or more for eggs.

Turn your car into an advertisement

If you are willing to give your car a makeover, you can get paid to put advertisements on your car. Companies pay drivers to display their advertisements with bumper stickers, graphic panels or a full car wrap.

Sell your clothes

Clean out your closet and trade your used clothing for cash. Consignment stores such as Plato’s Closet buy used clothes in exchange for money.

Get an on-campus job

Having trouble finding a job off campus? Become a lab monitor, work at the food court or become a security officer — just a few of the jobs offered at NSU. On-campus jobs provide good salaries and some include benefits such as discounted tuition.

Participate in medical research

If you don’t mind being a guinea pig, then participate in a research study. The pay for volun-teering varies depending on the amount of time involved and the study’s risks.

Sell your books

When the semester ends, don’t throw your textbooks in a corner of your room. The bookstore will buy back many of your used textbooks for half their selling price. If not, you can sell them online.

Get coupons

With coupons, you can sign up for birthday club rewards, get free breakfast at IHOP, get $35 off a Benihana meal or receive free ice cream from Coldstone.

College life can be expensive and taking advantage of creative options of making extra money can alleviate money woes and make the college experience that much sweeter.

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