MonthOctober 2010

KFC loses its market share and its dignity

KFC is starting to lose its grip on the college population. And I hope that their latest marketing strategy doesn’t tighten this grip. Why? Recently, the fast-food chain claimed that more than six out of ten 18 to 25 year olds couldn’t identify Colonel Sanders in the KFC logo. But instead of coming up with a creative advertisement strategy, KFC decided to take the low road.

Vampires rock

It’s a scientific fact (that I’ve just made up) that it’s impossible not to smile while riding a jet ski. This fact applies to certain other things — watching a baby laugh, holding a banjo, and eating a sundae. After seeing Vampire Weekend, I’m now adding that experience to the list.

Pistol Pete’s (Yorn) aim is true

OK, so Pete Yorn’s nickname is not “Pistol Pete,” or maybe it is. I don’t know him. But it should be. The guy fires off albums like it was high noon at Dodge City and someone had just spoken to his lady all wrong. His latest work is the self-titled “Pete Yorn,” and Pistol Pete is quick at the draw.