“Sister Wives” is a reality TV show nightmare

Flipping through TV channels on a Sunday night may lead to “Sunday Night Football,” “The Amazing Race,” or TLC’s new show, “Sister Wives,” which is about a polygamist family.

The show’s first season documented the controversial lives of Kody Brown and his three blond wives, Meri, Janelle, and Christine, while he courted a fourth woman, Robyn. During the course of the season, the family offered the audience a rare glimpse into their complicated lives. One of the main themes in the series is Kody’s pursuit of his fourth wife, Robyn. During the season finale, Kody and Robyn were “spiritually married.” If three’s a crowd, what’s five people on a date?

There’s now a four to one ratio in that household. The blondes pretended to be sisters in public because it was easier. But they can’t stick to their lie because their fourth “sister” is a brunette. Of all hair colors, he had to choose a brunette, right? Now the sister act is thrown off. The wives will have to tell the truth: They are four women married to one man and having sex with that man under the same roof. Sounds like a brothel, doesn’t it?

If I was a wife, I would want to fight for my husband’s attention against his three other wives. I mean who doesn’t want to fight with three women for her husband’s attention? And what husband wouldn’t want four women asking him, “Do I look fat in this dress?” Better yet, who wouldn’t just love having four PMSing women under one roof every month?

Wait, did I say benefits?

Maybe that’s why he has 16 children, so at least one woman isn’t a mood-swinging-maniac for a few months. Unfortunately, she turns into a hormonal crazy person for nine months. I’m surprised the show doesn’t have as many catfights as “The Jersey Shore.” Their husband is having sex with three women. How aren’t they filled with pent-up anger and jealousy like Angelina from “The Shore?”

Since the show aired, the family is under investigation for violating the law. Bigamy is a third-degree felony in Utah, where the Brown family lives. Kody faces up to five years in prison if authorities decide to charge him. If Kody is convicted, the women may have to move into separate homes. I wonder what will be weirder for them: not being able to share their man or not being able to share
their clothes?

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