On the Scene: Why do you think President Obama has lost popularity among college students?

In October, an Associated Press poll reported that 44 percent of college students approve of President Barack Obama’s on-the-job performance. This is a 16 percent drop from a poll taken in May 2009.  We asked NSU students: Why do you think President Obama has lost popularity among college students?

“I think that Obama is losing his popularity because he made promises like other presidents do. He tries to do them but the obstacles are bigger. I think he’s trying his best. He came into presidency in the middle of war, an economic crisis and more. There were too many problems. Any president that came into office would have lost popularity because of all the problems.” Liliana Lopez, executive assistant to Alvin Sherman Library president

“Even if students voted him into office, now, I don’t think he has the same support. People don’t see much change. Change is progressive. I don’t think it’s personal against him, just what he inherited.” Martavis Clarke, second-year law student

“I think that when he ran, he kept promising change. People were under the false assumption that change was going to come very quickly. But change comes through progression and progression takes time. Especially considering how everything was beforehand.” Jessica Aldeguer, second-year law student

“A lot of college students’ concerns are overlooked by the Obama administration. We’re getting the ‘beat around the bush’ type of response.” Martin Herrera, senior biology major

“I think people are becoming desensitized to Obama’s promises. But I believe that he came into office when the recession was starting to worsen, which made his ideas less feasible.”

Adriana Gutierrez, graduate mental health counseling major

“He started off with too many promises. It would have been better if he made fewer promises and done extra ones on the side, like a bonus.”

Adriano Duran, senior biology major

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