SUTV Movies: April Edition

Spring is in full bloom. The sun is out and bestowing us daily with beautiful South Florida sunshine. Flowers are growing and the grass is green. Hopefully you’re finding time to go to the beach, the park, or the pool. Then, at night, when you come home exhausted, the best thing to do is tune in to SUTV and watch a movie.

Do not miss “The Social Network.” No one at NSU lives under a rock so no one should be a stranger to this movie’s huge commercial success. A combination of brilliant performances and exceptional di-recting made the controversial story of the Facebook empire one of last year’s most rewarding cinematic experiences. Don’t miss it when SUTV brings it right to your room.

“Due Date,” “Faster,” “RED” and “Megamind” should take care of all your comedy and action needs. Robert Downey, Jr. and Zach Galafianakis deliver hilarious moments as an odd pair driving across the country in “Due Date,” while an older Bruce Willis leads a group of unretired senior citizens against a dangerous mob of assassins trying to kill them in “RED.” Then, The Rock, plays a vicious tough-guy hungry for revenge and taking no names after his brothers’ cold-blooded murder in “Faster.” While in “Megamind,” Will Ferrell voices a villainous genius who suddenly finds that he must be the hero after defeating his nemesis Metro Man.

“For Colored Girls” is a drama adapted from a book of poems titled “For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When the Rainbow is Enuf.” It is directed by Tyler Perry and delivers powerful performances through its thought-provoking subject matter.

“Leaving Las Vegas” is a movie you should check out. This one won enigmatic actor, Nicolas Cage, a Best Actor Oscar, for his portrayal of Ben Sanderson, an alcoholic on the verge of suicide who finds unlikely friendship with a prostitute in Las Vegas.

Finally, there is “Burlesque” — a film hardly worth mentioning. Watch this if you are a psychology student and want to understand torture. Besides that, there are some great options in April. Enjoy the movies and enjoy a beautiful spring.

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